Business card with a QR Code: What does it mean?

A business card with a QR Code is just a contact information card with a QR code incorporated in it, whether it be digital or physical. Users can access personal information such as name, phone number, address, email, website, social network handle, or a personalized landing or campaign page by scanning the QR Code.

Using a QR Code on business cards can be done in two ways:

Make a QR Code with your contact details and attach it to a business card. Distribute the QR Code directly using fliers, emails, social media, OOH advertisements, etc.

Business card with a QR Code: What does it mean?
The easiest way to convey your contact details, either personal or business, is undoubtedly with a business card that has a QR Code on it. In just a few minutes, customers can view contact details by scanning the QR Code and save them to their cellphones.

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Why QR Codes on business cards are needed?

For practical and simple information exchange In the past, professionals would follow up and maintain contact with clients by giving them their actual business cards. This might be tedious and inconvenient because the recipient would have to manually enter and store contact information on their mobile devices.

Business card with a QR Code: What does it mean?

However, if a business card has a QR code on it, the recipient only needs to scan the code to access the content and download it with a few clicks. This makes information simple, practical, and instantaneous.

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QR Codes Can Drive Traffic to Your Blog

More than 600 million of the 1.9 billion webpages on the internet are blogs, did you know that?

Many of these blogs try their hardest to get the right kind of visitors, even if they utilize the best photographs, integrate keywords, establish backlinks, and so on.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re trying something different to get more people to your site.

We’ll be talking about employing QR Codes to increase blog traffic in this article.

Let’s quickly review what QR Codes are, though, before we get started.

Give each category and blog post a BEE QR Code. 77% of internet users routinely read blogs. They are quick to spread the word about any that appeal to them across their social groups.
When they do, it inspires other individuals who share their interests to click the link and read the blog post. You may improve the traffic to your blog in this way. However, most people find it tiresome to copy and paste the URL.

Thus, you ought to give users simple sharing choices. One of them is giving each blog post and category a QR Code with the URL.

Users can use this QR Code to share a blog post when they’d like to. To read your article, users only need to scan the QR Code.

really simple and up to date!

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